The Treasure in Your Heart – Stories and Yoga for Peaceful Children (Storytime Yoga)
132 Pages · 2007 · 1.93 MB · English
by Sydney Solis

Help create peaceful children and a peaceful world with this book that teaches the universal wisdom of yoga philosophy using multicultural, interfaith stories to bring peace and character education to children and families. This book, for teachers and parents to share with children, has 26 teaching tales culled from the world’s many faith traditions. It features such gems as “Mohammad and the Cat” (about kindness), “Brahma’s Tears” (about unity), “Calming the Storm” (about courage), and “Conejito and the Wax Doll” (about anger management). Plus, there are many stories from African, Buddhist, Jewish, and Sufi traditions as well. This book also focuses on meditation and relaxation-for children to improve health and literacy-and features follow-up activities and the classic Storytime Yoga method of including yoga poses scripted with the stories!

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