It brings equal awareness of the left and right sides of your body and helps you to rejuvenate the energies of both sides of your body and hence both sides of your brain: female and male, moon and sun, ida and pingala, cold and heat, negative and positive.

Think of the spine as a pillar in the centre of your body, connecting the two parts of your existence: your spirituality (pursa) and your physical self (prakriti). When universal and individual consciousness connect with each other through the spine, the state of pure consciousness is reached.

Rising Sap

This profound meditation connects the opposing forces of the earth element of your body with the ether element (space) around you. It removes energy blockages and rejuvenates your mind and muscles by lifting the vibration of your body with the support of Mother Earth.

When you do this exercise, it feels as if you are opening the channels in your body for the Divine Mother to recharge your body and bestow a sense of gravity on your life. If you are experiencing stress, lack of focus and an inability to make decisions, try this exercise as it is good for reducing the excessive vata (air element) that causes these symptoms. It is also an effective antidote for insomnia and depression, enabling you to connect with yourself and ground yourself in your environment.

During this practice you may feel a very heavy or tingling sensation in your whole body or a feeling that thousands of ants are running all over your skin. This is caused by the release of stress, the rejuvenation of your blood cells and the connection of your mind to your body.

Sometimes people experience an almost orgasmic feeling as the Divine enters their body and unity occurs between two opposing forces: male and female, matter and spirit.

  1. Sit on a chair or sofa with the soles of your bare feet flat and connected with the floor. If the floor is cold, you can place a cushion or pillow underneath your feet. Keep your palms relaxed in your lap and facing up, with your fingers naturally curled. Close your eyes softly.
  2. Become aware of any space between your feet and the floor as well as the areas of contact. Where your feet are touching the floor, you feel that roots are growing into the ground, going deep into Mother Earth. Let your mind expand also to the centre of the earth. Like a tree you feel rooted. Your feet are heavy and grounded by the roots that are anchoring you to the Divine Mother and her nourishing, nurturing energy.
  3. You are connected with an infinite and constant flow of energy. Once you have made this connection from deep within Mother Earth, a white, very light, milky cloud of energy starts enveloping the roots. As it reaches your feet you can feel it entering your body.
  4. The energy keeps flowing into your feet from Mother Earth. The level rises up to your ankles, your calves and into your kneecaps and all around your knees. Now it is coursing through your whole body, continuing past your thighs into your hip cups, your groin, your rectum and urinary muscles, your tailbone, your lower back and your abdomen. Both legs are brimming with it.
  5. The level rises up into your tummy – just relax your tummy and let it hold the energy like a pot. All your internal organs are filled and floating with this energy inside and outside of them. Let yourself go with the flow … the energy never ceases … it just keeps coming up through your feet into your legs, through your tummy, your back and up to your shoulders. From your shoulders it descends and fills your heart and chest and rolls down into your arms, to your palms, to the tip of your fingertips and into your palms.
  6. You feel the energy shooting out from your fingertips. You feel balls of swirling energy in both palms.
  7. Energy is still streaming continuously into your body from Mother Earth … milky white, very light nourishing energy … your feet, legs, belly, back and shoulders are completely full. Now the level reaches your throat, your neck, your chin, your tongue, your teeth. It flows over your cheekbones, your ears and your eyes. Your eyelids are so relaxed and heavy, your eye muscles, sockets and nerves have no tension whatsoever. Your eyes can hardly open.
  8. Now the level has reached your third eye, and you feel almost saturated by the milky white, cloudy energy from Mother Earth as it fills the top of your head. But then it pushes out from the top of your head like a fountain, as if bathing your body on its journey back to Mother Earth.
  9. You are totally covered with this loving, tender, nourishing, healing energy from Mother Earth. It bathes your body inside and out, clearing all blockages and obstacles, easing strained muscles, regenerating and relaxing them. You feel that you are totally connected to Mother Earth. She is filling and regenerating your body and your mind with her energy.
  10. You experience a sense of openness at the top of your head. Now the energy from the ether enters your body like a golden lightning bolt and unites with the earth’s energy so you are recharged. You are fully aware and alert and are connected to both dimensions of your existence: higher and lower, heaven and earth. You feel that male and female, nature and spirit have united in your body. You feel complete and whole and totally loved and nourished.
  11. In your own time slowly move your fingers and toes and place both palms on your heart chakra to acknowledge your existence with grace and gratitude – you experience a sense of openness and love, compassion for yourself and others, and a sense of letting go and release. You feel complete and whole, and filled with joy.
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