We offering you world-class healing retreats, you will be surrounded by a conscious community of like-minded people from around the world – all on the journey to a happier, healthier life.

All our healing retreats is a place where teachers, healers, musicians, and dreamers can realize and share all that they have to offer. A sacred space for deep inner transformations, healing and those cherished moments. Our healing retreat will be your home for our empowering and beautiful transformation, soulful gatherings, a source of your nourishing meals, and vessel of stillness.

We offer you six day-long retreat, a few days of guided meditations and yoga in a beautiful South African destination, or some time with mind, body and spirit healing professionals to explore the spontaneous fulfillment of desire – we have a spiritual retreat to suit your quest for inner wisdom, clarity, connection and purpose.

It is time to make space for a meditation retreat to unwind from daily demands and return to a sense of wholeness.

We are currently updating our event destination list: We will keep you updated.

GAIA Deep Healing Meditation Retreats – We offer you Meditation Retreats where the focus is on Meditation, Mindfulness and your Spiritual journey to inner wisdom, clarity, connection and purpose.