Our mission at GAIA Deep Healing Meditation Retreats is to provide the highest quality of individualized, compassionate and effective Spiritual journey to inner wisdom, clarity, connection and purpose using the latest and most effective teaching, meditative and hypnotherapeutic techniques available.

It is also our mission to educate the public about the wonderful modality that is hypnosis, clarifying what hypnosis is and isn’t, and promoting the many uses and their effectiveness to the general public at large.

Gerald Crawford Bio:

Gerald Crawford is a Certified Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner and Meditation Teacher. He has gone on a personal journey of transformation and discovery and studied the human mind for over 10 years and though his own adversity he has emerged victorious and is passionate about helping others find and live there true-self.

Gerald Crawford has worked to develop specialized treatments integrating the principles of cbt, yoga, ayurveda and clinical hypnotherapy. Gerald is a Master Teacher in the field of Drama Therapy and continues to work both clinically and as an educator specializing in the treatment of individuals with anxiety, depression, and complex trauma.

Personal Motto: With experience and study comes insight with insight come wisdom with wisdom comes enlightenment, transcendence then follows.

He has studied the Tao, Bhagavad Gita and the Bible and now share the ancient wisdom with everyone by using the chakras. 

Jacqaline Nash Bio: 

Jacqueline Nash has been on a journey of self-discovery, traveling the world and met many cultures which led her to focus on tools and practices that promote expansion of self and well-being.

She has a passion for connecting with others in an environment where healing and spiritual growth may be facilitated. She thrives in surrounding herself with inspiring and resourceful people with a loving perspective and the knowledge and motivation to help shift belief systems and better create a life of fulfillment.

“We are in a constant flow of change. Strengthening the inner being is a continuous journey which brings us closer to our true creative power, enlightening the gifts we have to share and the fulfillment of our true purpose”.

Wilmarie Janeke Bio:

Wilmarie Janeke CTAA Accredited Modern Applied Psychologist (Achologist)
Addiction Counselor, Solution Based Counselor, Counseling practitioner, Psycho Therapist, Reflexology and Life Coach.

I chose my profession due to life experiences and journeys that took me through self enlightenment and enrichment in dealing with different challenges presented on my path that led to gaining insight and knowledge to guide and help others in finding a solution and coping mechanisms to better understand and deal with situations and circumstance on our journey through life.

I enjoy enriching my fellow beings with self love and acceptance, healing through energy and cognitive behavioural therapy and Reflexology as our body tells us different stories in ways we do not always comprehend.

My motto in life: Anything that has been learned can be unlearned.

GAIA Deep Healing Meditation Retreats – We offer you Meditation Retreats where the focus is on Meditation, Mindfulness and your Spiritual journey.